Choosing the right home

Choosing the most appropriate home can be a daunting task, especially if you need to choose somewhere in a hurry. Your GP or social worker can advise on the type of home you may need, but talking to friends and relatives may help you decide on the actual home that would be best for you. Ask yourself the questions below to help you decide whether a home is right for you:

What level of care is provided?

Can the home manage your particular needs?

Is it convenient for visiting?

Is it clean, tidy and odour-free?

Are the bedrooms en suite?

Is it nicely decorated and homely?

Are the staff friendly and welcoming?

Do the meals look appetising and is there a choice?

Can you have a meal with your family in private?

Are you free to come and go as you please?

Is there a garden?

Is there a broad range of activities?

Do health professionals visit regularly?

Can you take any of your own furniture?

Is your family involved in your care planning?

Are the residents happy and do they feel well cared for?

Are there enough staff on duty?

We aim to answer ‘yes’ to all of these questions.